"Ten Songs For A Succulent Summer" é a playlist de Tom Barman para este Verão, divulgada pela revista Q. Muito interessante esta playlist, senão reparem:


Arctic Monkeys - 505
"I slept in that particular hotel- room in Paris recently. But i was alone, so not very inspired..."




The Roots - Radio Daze
"One of the many great songs from their fantastic album How I Got Over. Sounds like a modern-day What's Going On to me..."





Black Francis - Dead Man's Curve
"He sounds a bit like Keith Richards on this one. Pixies-man singing about the unbearable lightness of fucking."





Iggy Pop - China Girl
"he original is even better than the cover-version."





Magnetic Man - The Bug
"This makes me want to bunji-jump inside the tourbus."




Mark Lanegan - Hit the City
"Put this on and even the Kaizerstrasse in Nuerenberg will look like Sunset Boulevard."




Domenico +2 - Alegria Vai La
"Our guitarist put this on recently. It's Caetano Veloso's son. I didn't know I could dance like an epileptic eel."





Tool - Vicarious
"They always let us see their show from the stage. It makes me feel like an aspirant astronaut aboard of the Discovery right, i mean right before take off!"




Balthazar - The Boatman
"These Belgian youngsters are supporting us on our autumn-tour. Liquid melodies on solid grooves - and nice girls in the backstage room."





Mc900 ft Jesus - Burried At Sea
"Dark and sexy song by the most underrated Jesus of all time."






Entretanto, enquanto esperamos por Outubro para conhecer o novo álbum de dEUS "Keep You Close", aqui fica o single "Constant Now":



dEUS - Constant Now by dEUSbe

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